Our Winning Approach to Accepting Feedback

Our Winning Approach to Accepting Feedback

When it comes to learning on the job, honest feedback is one of the most helpful tools there is. That’s our philosophy around the Eminence Management office, where we aren’t afraid to elicit feedback and apply it to our advantage. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve learned for using input from colleagues and supervisors to enhance our careers.

The first thing we remember is to be as open-minded as possible when listening to feedback. Having an emotional reaction might prevent us from getting the full value of what’s being said. Our Eminence Management approach is to simply receive input as raw data that we can apply to make meaningful improvements, taking any personal element out of the equation.

We also think about who’s giving the feedback as we process it. When it comes from our supervisors, we might take input with a bit more urgency than we would from a colleague. That doesn’t mean we don’t value feedback from our peers, but we’re careful to apply every bit of information we receive in the most appropriate way.

Letting feedback sink in for a while is another key element in our strategy. Sleeping on a certain piece of advice can be a productive practice, especially when it involves a big change to our current methods or mind-sets.

We remember these concepts as we gather input from others and apply it to our career pursuits. Find more of our tips for learning on the job by liking Eminence Management on Facebook.