A Rewarding Trip to Dallas

A Rewarding Trip to Dallas

Exciting travel incentives are available to members of Team Eminence Management. We attend a variety of functions, including road trips to other offices, retreats to exotic locales, and business seminars. Recently, we sent Thomas and Graciela, two of our top leaders, to Dallas for the quarterly networking conference.

The networking opportunities at the conference were extensive. Thomas and Graciela were able to connect with influential leaders and high-achieving peers alike. They came back to the Eminence Management office with a wide range of new contacts to act as sources of valuable advice. These new connections could pay off in unexpected ways for our company as a whole.

There was also plenty of instruction on offer during the Dallas conference. Sean added, “Our team members received hands-on training in a range of emerging techniques while they were in the heart of Texas. They also discussed best practices with accomplished people from all corners of our industry. Combined with the inspiring keynote speeches, these fruitful discussions will act as catalysts for even bigger wins from our team.”

Traveling with teammates is a great way to build morale. “Our people get to learn so much about each other when they hit the road together,” Sean remarked. “They come back home inspired to collaborate on complex projects.”

The Dallas conference offered an array of benefits. To receive updates on all our travel events, follow Eminence Management on Twitter.