PRESS RELEASE: Top Eminence Management Performers Return From R&R Retreat

PRESS RELEASE: Top Eminence Management Performers Return From R&R Retreat

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Qualifying team members recently returned from a rest and relaxation retreat in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eminence Management’s President discussed highlights of the trip and benefits of business travel.

“We are not all work and no play,” declared Sean, President of Eminence Management. “We enjoy any opportunity for relaxation and games!” This is certainly what four of the firm’s top producers had the chance to do while visiting Las Vegas for an invitation-only rest and relaxation retreat.

In the town that never sleeps, the team enjoyed laid-back activities, along with shows and games. Just as importantly, they had the chance to connect with industry leaders from across the country who had also earned the right to be on this all-expenses-paid trip. This kind of networking opportunity is very rare, and by itself was worth all the work that the firm’s high achievers put into qualifying.

There was also a prestigious awards ceremony where people who hit remarkable milestones were recognized in front of their peers. This was very inspiring, as those who won awards had the chance to share a bit of their story and talk about what they’d overcome to achieve such incredible success.

The individuals who represented Eminence Management in Vegas worked extremely hard to get there, and deserved a chance to put their feet up (so to speak) and unwind after such a productive year. Sean and the rest of the team are already earning an invite to next year’s trip.

Eminence Management’s President Highlights the Benefits of Business Travel

The four who traveled to Las Vegas were not the only ones who gained from the experience; the entire Eminence Management organization benefited. Sean makes sure that any time someone from the company enjoys a travel opportunity, those people take specific actions to share what they’re seeing and learning.

For example, travelers can always post content on the firm’s social media feeds so that everyone back home can follow the schedule of events in real time. This keeps everyone in the information loop, including the brands that are part of the Eminence Management portfolio.

When conference attendees return home, they do so with the intent of imparting all the relevant information they gained as part of their travels. Not only does this increase the pool of knowledge in the office, but teaching others is the best way for a person to ensure that they will retain the wisdom they’ve acquired.

The Eminence Management travel program is both an honor and a responsibility, said Sean, and he’s proud that his company can offer business trips as a way to reward his hard-working team members.

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