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Sean Shelton

President and CEO


Sean Shelton

President and CEO

Where did you grow up?

Todd County a beautiful haven in Western Kentucky

How does your background impact your style as a business leader?

Leadership positions are ones that I have always held. Starting with my sports background growing up and developing my entrepreneurship mindset early on in college. I learned early on as a silent leader that you must be able to show others the right example before you can expect them to follow you. As I grew into a young adult I learned that one must become more vocal when leading a group of unfamiliar peers. This taught me to not only walk the walk but talk the talk. All of these learning curves that I explored developed me into a fearless leader that is very comfortable being uncomfortable.

What are the most important skills you’ve developed working for your company and why?

Patience and tenacity. I say this because being patient is key when working with others. Being patient with others as well as yourself is essential in any professional relationship. Tenacity is a skill that I developed leading teams and driving clientele.

Tell us about how & why you got into this industry.

I was a fresh college graduate looking to imprint society. With a very diverse skill set and a go getter mentality, I was looking for an industry in which I could put my skills to use and have the flexibility to lead early on in my career. I found my passion in marketing. The ability to create a relationship between unfamiliar parties peaked my curiosity and drove my desire to excel in the industry.

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