Many Chances to Add Valuable Contacts

Many Chances to Add Valuable Contacts

Networking is a key part of every thriving career, which is why we focus on it throughout the Eminence Management office. We provide our people with a wide variety of opportunities to connect, including industry events that bring together the most accomplished people in our business.

“We’re always providing new outlets to help ensure successful careers for our team members,” stated Sean, our firm’s President. “Travel incentives from conferences to exotic retreats give our brand managers plenty of chances to add helpful connections. These allies act as sources of good advice as our people reach new milestones in their career journeys.”

We use a few simple strategies to get the most value out of our networking exploits. One of these basic methods is to ask easy questions that start discussions off on a productive foot. A simple inquiry as to what brought a potential contact to an event is typically enough to home in on some common ground. The responses we receive to these kinds of queries tend to open doors to shared interests and goals.

The right body language also bolsters our Eminence Management networking efforts. We offer warm smiles to potential contacts and make solid eye contact throughout our discussions.

Our brand managers apply these methods as they add to their contact lists. Find more of our best networking insights by liking Eminence Management on Facebook.