How We Maintain a Close-Knit Team

How We Maintain a Close-Knit Team

Team building is a key part of our Eminence Management culture. Sean, our company’s President, explained, “To build a successful team that can work well together, people need to connect on a deeper level. This is more likely to happen outside of the office. That’s why we have so many fun group activities that help us be more of a family than just a group of coworkers.”

Our team outings involve everything from bowling and golf to get-togethers at each other’s houses. Whether we’re competing against teammates or just enjoying a barbecue in someone’s backyard, we learn more about each other as people. The camaraderie we develop through these outings pays off in the form of stronger collaboration around the Eminence Management office.

Office morale is also higher due to our many team gatherings, as it increases our engagement. “It’s fair to say we all look forward to coming to work every day,” Sean added. “Building solid connections away from the office has led to the type of supportive workplace any professional would envy.”

A strong team atmosphere also works in our firm’s favor when it comes to attracting top talent. Sean remarked, “When we host potential hires in our office, they see right away just how motivated our people are. It’s nice to have an uplifting workspace acting as a recruiting tool.”

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