Expanding Our Operations Into New Orleans and Beyond

Expanding Our Operations Into New Orleans and Beyond

Team Eminence Management has its collective eye on the prize: an expansion to the New Orleans market. This move will provide more opportunities for our team members to hone their professional skills and advance into management roles, which will then create more room for us to hire and train new associates.

“It’s important for a business to have goals, especially expansion goals,” declared Sean, President of Eminence Management. “It really gives the entire office something to reach for. It’s very motivating for our leaders to want to prove themselves in a whole new territory.”

There are many benefits to growing our business, the first and most obvious being a larger consumer base. The more people who see our interactive marketing campaigns, the more success we create for our firm and for the brands in our company portfolio.

Another advantage of expansion is that we have the chance to learn more. New markets mean new customers and team members, new areas to explore, new office spaces, and new approaches to use in our on-site initiatives. It’s an exciting time that really shakes up the status quo and gives us a fresh perspective on our careers.

And we won’t just stop at New Orleans either; we’re already considering two or three other cities to grow into after this one. Watch us as we make our triumphant entrances by liking Eminence Management on Facebook.