Why We Emphasize Public Speaking Skills

Why We Emphasize Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is an important attribute for all ambitious people to master. As such, we focus on developing confident speakers as part of the Eminence Management training program.

Sean, our firm’s President, explained, “Our goal is to equip our team members with the tools they need to enter rooms full of strangers and take control. Not only can they advance their careers by doing so, our people also enhance their networking efforts. All kinds of potential connections emerge when our team members present at industry functions. People want to meet speakers who share compelling info.”

The importance of telling memorable stories is one of the primary tenets of our Eminence Management public speaking approach. Putting key points into a narrative form is one of the best ways to ensure that audience members retain them. A bit of self-deprecating humor in a story is also something we’ve found useful in engaging listeners.

We also stress the value of practice as we develop confident public speakers. Rehearsing in front of people is helpful, so we often use our coworkers as audience member stand-ins. We’ve also found that capturing ourselves on video is an effective way to practice. Doing so lets us see ourselves in action and streamline our nonverbal methods.

Our emphasis on public speaking prepares our people for long-term success. Follow Eminence Management on Twitter to learn more about our approach to in-depth training.