Enjoy a Distinct Career at Eminence Management, Inc.

Being part of the Eminence Management, Inc. team is the start of something great. Our thriving company is expanding. That means we need individuals with can-do spirits and originality to join us. Those who do get to take advantage not only of our outstanding perks, but also the chance to work toward both career and personal goals. We provide a development program our people appreciate.

Our team is what makes our firm successful. Therefore, we continually reward associates who help bring our vision to fruition.

Here are the benefits to expect as a member of the Eminence Management, Inc. team.

Professional Development

Learning is a key part of the Eminence Management, Inc. experience. From day one, our associates are immersed in hands-on training programs that transfer knowledge on how to elevate brands and promote products. We teach everything there is to know about private events, including presentation skills, demographic research, and customer connections. We share the tools needed to succeed.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Everyone starts at the entry level with Eminence Management, Inc., so our managers know what it takes to advance. Therefore, we pair our seasoned pros with new associates so they pass along their wisdom on what makes for an effective campaign (and what to avoid to prevent a flop). Our fun learning environment is designed so associates gain feedback to become confident brand ambassadors.

Welcoming Teammates

We’re all about teamwork at Eminence Management, Inc. In fact, it is our lifeblood. Our culture centers on the belief that we all can succeed when we work together. We inspire our associates to deliver their personal best, while fostering that collaborative spirit that leads to amazing outcomes across the board. This attitude generates wins for everyone – our ultimate goal.

See New Places

Eminence Management, Inc., associates have opportunities to hit the road (in a good way). Team members are invited to attend regional training and jet off to tropical locales for retreats. It’s all part of our unique way of thanking them for their hard work and top-notch results.

Opportunities to Grow and Build Contacts

With chances to attend conferences and industry events, our associates are exposed to the latest techniques in on-site marketing and leadership. They meet influential leaders and businesspeople who quickly become connections in their professional networks. We are continually providing new and exciting outlets to help ensure successful careers for everyone.

The Keys to a Great Future Are at Eminence Management, Inc.

Are you searching for a career that offers unmatched learning and professional growth? Contact us to discuss our opportunities for a great profession. Apply today by sending your cover letter and resume to careers@eminencemgmt.com .